The College Library is located at third floor of the college building, provides access to students to a wide range of international and national journals, magazines, daily newspapers and books, growing digital media collections and other printed materials to support research and learning. It is fully air-conditioned and computerized, and has a seating capacity of 150 students. Reading room is also available for both faculty and students.

Rules & regulations

1) All students must make use of the library facility to enrich their academic excellence.
2) Only enrolled students are allowed to enter the college library on the strength of a valid Identity Card, which must be produced as and when it is demanded by the library staff or college teaching staff.
3) Complete silence must be maintained in & near the library.
4) Students should not bring Walkman or any electronic instruments and any eatables inside the library. Using the cell phone in the library is strictly prohibited.
5) Infringement of the library rules will result in the withdrawal of the library from the student.
6) All cases of the violation of rules will be reported to the Principal for suitable action.
7) In case of any difficulty readers can approach the Librarian.
8) Co- operation of the students is earnestly sought in observing the rules.


1) Library book will be issued to the regular students for home lending only during the 14 days.
2) One book will be issued for home lending the library card. Pure reference books, issues of periodicals, magazines, and news papers will not be allowed out of the library or for home lending.
3) The book issued for home reading must be return to the library within 14 days
4) A fine of rupees 1 /- will be charged for every day of delay. Persistent delay in returning the charging the fine, Sundays and holidays will be considered.
5) The book may be issued for a week provided there is no demand for the book from other students.
6) Book newly acquired for library will be available for reading in the study room as soon as they are ready for us.


1) Book will be issued for reading in the reading room in the library on producing the Library Card. Books are not to be taken out of the library on any account. Infringement of this rule will make the defaulter liable to an automatic forfeiture or the Library Card.
2) At the time the book is issued for reading in the reading room or for home reading, the student must satisfy himself / herself that the book is not damaged or that the pages are not missing or torn. If there is a damage or loss of pages or torn of pages, it must be brought to the notice of the library staff. Otherwise they will be held responsible for any damage, loss, or torn pages.


1) If the book is lost or damaged by the students or if the pages are missing from the book, the value of the book shall have to be paid at the current price. If the book is rare or out of print & the cost of the book is too low, amount decided by the principal must be paid.
2) Enrolled students and the teaching staff can use the library. No Ex – student or no outsider will be allowed to use the library except by the Principal / Coordinator.

Designation Name
Librarian Mrs. Shyama Azad
Assistant Librarian Mrs. Shashi Kiran

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